College commencements are just around the corner, and with them the annual deluge of advice for the soon-to-be graduates. Graduates are in for a lot of advice: some good, some bad, some that is repeated to the point of annoyance. This is a major turning point in your life, whereRead More →

Teachers are always a boon to society. Through their intelligence, patience and wisdom, they attempt to not only hone the learner’s intellect and aptitude but also, create a well-rounded personality. Teaching has an influence in developing ones mind and character and also gives the satisfaction of having sparked the lightRead More →

Music is one of the most profound human achievements. It is a universal sound which can create emotions and express feelings. Music also soothes the mind. There is rarely anybody who is not touched by music in some way at some time in their lives. Talent, genuine interest, sincerity and willingnessRead More →

Many students in classroom environments aren’t comfortable speaking in public. In an online environment, it can be much easier to share thoughts with others. With 74 percent of people suffering from speech anxiety, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, online education tends to foster better class participation. OnlineRead More →