Policy dialogue must arrive at a relevant balanced set of aims describing what learners should learn and why; the development of cognitive, creative and social skills and values; respect for human rights, the environment, peace and tolerance and cultural diversity. These put citizenship, democracy and human rights at the fore.Read More →

Success means different things to different people, but your hopes and dreams for your child probably extend beyond good report cards. Maybe you hope that your child’s future includes a fulfilling job and satisfying relationships, for example, or a happy family and a sense of contentment. The point is thatRead More →

A teacher is expected to have a total commitment in giving the children the type of education that trains them to growth and development. A teacher is a person who is qualified in every way as a professional teacher to teach in schools especially in his/her area of specialization. ARead More →

Teaching is an attempt to bring about desirable changes in human learning, abilities and behaviour in order to contribute to better living. Teaching helps people to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to be responsible citizens. It is also a means of passing knowledge to the next generation.Read More →