Teaching Methods

Teaching is an attempt to bring about desirable changes in human learning, abilities and behaviour in order to contribute to better living. Teaching helps people to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to be responsible citizens. It is also a means of passing knowledge to the next generation. Awotua-Efebo (2001) sees teaching as an interaction between a teacher and a student under the teacher’s responsibility, in order to bring about the expected change in the students behaviour.

To educate is to impact knowledge, positive judgment and a well developed wisdom to the learner through a learning process. Formal education is the application of pedagogy, a body of theoretical and applied research relating to teaching and learning. Imparting of knowledge lately comprises a complex mingling of factors as political, social, economic and cultural, due to the fact that the logistics of education are constantly changing, and education presently engages creatively with the transformation of the society, and partakes in it. Therefore, it is necessary that this aspect of modern education be reflected in the models of teaching with its constant evolving needs.

Teaching is a deliberate activity done in a professional manner to bring a positive change on the learner; in order to teach well. Teachers are guided by certain principles of teaching and learning which have great implication for teaching. The role of the teacher is very essential in the effective implementation of the curriculum. The teacher amongst other things must be abreast with the fundamental principles of teaching that will enable him/her to be efficient and productive in the discharge of his/her duties. Teachers challenge the 3 domains of cognitive, affective and the psychomotor domain of learners. The teacher’s task is not complete until he/she evaluates to determine if the set objectives have been achieved.

Method of teaching denotes the strategy by which a teacher delivers his/her subject matter to the learners based on some predetermined instructional objectives in order to promote learning in the students. For a teacher to effectively adopt any teaching method, some factors must be considered. The effective implementation of any curriculum depends to a large extent on the availability of various methods of teaching. Thus to teach is to impact knowledge, an attempt to help the learner have a change of attitude and acquire skills through a series of planned activities.

It is important to understand the primary objective of teaching which is to bring about good education. Prospective teachers are encouraged to know the operation and approaches to learning in order to develop better teaching methodologies. In using these teaching methods, teachers should consider every learner’s unique attribute. Teaching calls for an active participation of the learner, thus for teaching & learning to be effective, it has to ensure a joint teacher-learner-class activity based on variety of methods which creates room for effective and efficient mastery of the subject matter on the part of the learner.

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